Welcome to PT Maslim Pratama
17th July 2024

08:00 – 17:00

Monday to Friday

Ruko Jatibening Estate

Blok G1 No. 3, Bekasi

021 – 84987331

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Electrical System, Bulk & Handling Material
Circuit Design, Layout-PCB Design, Control System, Making Program Hardware, Mechanical Manufacturing Control System
Mechanical & Control System
Our ready experts will guide you every step of the way to a perfect instrumentation & proccess control
Assist in laboratory experiments and research for modification used to create useful products

Our Services and Engineering

Maslim Pratama manage to fully Back-up Sales, services of Products as well as Installation on Instrumentation, electrical, Mechanical and process control. Associated with experinces, our company is dedicated to the full range of Services and Instrumentation works such as: Installation, Engineering work, Calibration, Loop-checking, Start-up, Commissioning and Training.

About Us

PT. Maslim Pratama was established in Bekasi, started as a trading company Indonesia with just one Salesman and one Engineer . Today, we are a team of highly trained, motivated engineers & technicians and sales professionals actively serving the modern industries demand. Following with the market need, the company grew from trading business to also include complete engineering and services.

Our Partners